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6 Diamond Terrace
London, SE10 8QN
United Kingdom



Encounter Fine Art was founded in 2013 with a vision of providing leading interior designers, property developers and architects with access to exceptional works of art.  

ACQUISITIONS & Procurement 

We are well placed to deliver artworks which match our clients ambitions. All the work displayed in our expertly curated Inventory of high quality contemporary art is available for acquisition. We are also able to leverage our extensive network of industry contacts for clients looking to procure work exterior to our inventory. 



We facilitate the creation of unique and engaging works meaningful to the commissioner. Our expertise spans every stage of the commissioning process; from selection of artists through to the design and installation of the works they create.


Short Term Acquisitions 

For exceptional projects we are willing to lease selected works from our inventory. This allows discerning clients the ability to gain access to high quality works for flexible periods of time. Our leases range from anywhere between 2 to 12 months in return for a one off or monthly fee


Project Management 

We advise and arrange every logistical detail associated with the purchase, commission and short term acquisition of work. This includes all curatorial, framing, installation, delivery and insurance concerns.  



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